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Zakarpattya authorities seeking investors to modernize airport, build garbage-recycling plant

Seven investment projects prepared in cooperation with Polish and UK experts were showcased in the oblast administration July 22. The projects, costing almost $200 million, will be introduced in Kyiv July 30, with the best ones winning the funding from the cabinet or international financial institutions, Zakarpattya oblast administration head of economics department Viktor Pohorelov told ZIK July 23.

Two projects foresee the implementation of modern technologies in collecting and recycling garbage in Uzhgorod and Vynohradove. The plant in Uzhgorod will have to recycle 6 tons of garbage and 8 tons of plastic bottles a day as well as press organic garbage. In Vinohradove, the authorities will introduce separate collection of garbage, using 70% of plastic bottles to make new PET-bottles.

The most costly is the project to modernize a military airfield in Mukacheve and build an airport meeting European standards. The project is worth $140 mn. Mukacheve’s lucrative geographical position enhances the chances of this project. The project will take 5 years to implement, from 2008 through 2012. According to calculations, the project will start to bring a profit in 10years – in 2018.

One of the projects focuses on introducing electric heating in the households in Rakhiv. The modernization of old electicity grids will allow to cut the cost of heating. Currently, with the cost of heating at $4 per square meter, Rakhiv residents pay only $1, while the difference is covered by the local budget. The project is important because natural gas pipe-lines cannot be laid in this mountainous area, while small hydro power plants can be built.

All the projects, besides their economic advantages, are aimed to ensure environmental safety and promote growth of tourism and recreation in the Zakarpattya oblast. Local governments will pay between 20 and 30 percent of the projects cost.

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