Thursday, 17 July, 2008, 21:12 Western Ukraine
Yanukovych drives a wedge among Ukrainian Cossacks

Ivano-Frankivsk branch of the Ukrainian Registered Cossacks announced it will leave the national association of Cossacks and create a new organization under a different name, Otaman (Commander) Vasyl Hryniv told ZIK July 17.

The Cossacks in Ivano-Frankivsk decided to go it alone in the wake of the decision by the board of URC taken in Odesa on June 21-23 to support the Party of Regions, Vasyl Hryniv says.

Our Cossacks are also angry because the board failed to coordinate the decision with oblast organizations. That is why this decision is illegal, he claims.

In an open letter to the Hetman of URC Anatoly Shevchenko, Ivano-Frankivsk Cossacks demand that the decision be cancelled and the hetman apologize for taking such an important decision without their participation.

In the aftermath of these loud declarations, Hetman Anatoly Shevchenko came to Ivano-Frankivsk to quell the defiant Cossacks. “We are supportive of all the parties that stand for the unification of the East and West of Ukraine, including the Party of Regions,” he said.

Comment by ZIK

Dating back to the 16-th century, the URC force was reinstated in 2002, electing Anatoly Shevchenko, a correspondence member of the National Academy of Sciences, Doctor (Tech. Sci.), Doctor (Theology), and Professor.

One of the key issues on the URC board session in Odesa was streamlining of organization structure. The board approved the creation of hetman administrations in all oblasts and subordination of Cossacks precincts to oblast administrations.

The board also debated the participation of the Cossacks in the upcoming elections jointly with the Party of Regions toward the unification of the East and West of Ukraine.

“At present, URC jointly with the Party of Regions are involved in developing a mechanism to implement the board decision,” URC official website says.

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