News » Sport 9 July, 2008, 18:56
Government to give $180 million to build roads and hotels in Zakarpattya in preparations for Euro-2012

We will have to modernize border checkpoints to match European standards, build fast roads, new hotels and other infrastructure in preparations for Euro-2012. We will also have to train personnel to cater for our guests, says Viktor Pohorelov, head of economics department at the Zakarpattya oblast state administration.

In particular, the official continues, roads are to be modernized as well as the Beskydy tunnel via the Carpathian mountains and a new one build.

The existing network of hotels and motels will be expanded. Tenders are in the pipeline to build hotels and restaurants in Astej, Muzhievo, Kvasovo. A number of new spa centers and hotels will be built in the Mukacheve, Volovets and Khust rayons.

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