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July 10, Lviv deputies to rubberstamp transfer of city stadium to investor who will modernize it for Euro-2012

The stadium transfer to the local Karpaty FC is on the council’s agenda for July 10. I expect the deputies to support it, city council secretary Volodymyr Kvurt told ZIK July 4.

Earlier, Karpaty FC owner and local tycoon Petro Dyminsky told the city mayor he is prepared to rebuild the stadium at his own expense if the city transfers the stadium under a lease contract to him.
The ball is now in the city council’s court. If the deputies approve the transfer of the stadium, there won’t be any problems with investments and modernization.

Volodymyr Kvurt highly praised the initiative of the local tycoon, adding that it opens the way for the modernization of the stadium in preparations for the Euro-2012 tournament. He said he has trust in Petro Dyminsky’s declarations.

In fact, Lviv city council had earlier passed a decision to transfer the stadium to Karpaty FC owner. However, deputies insisted on making the inventory of all the property subject to the transfer. Now that the inventory is complete, there is nothing to stop the deputies from rubberstamping the agreement, Says Kvurt.



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