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Ukraine is reminiscent of Columbia when it lost 1982 world soccer finals, Polish journalist says

Poland’s Gazeta Wyborcza is skeptical about Ukraine’s chances to prepare for Euro-2012 in time, says a report by Andrzej Nowogrodski, stating Ukraine is heavily lagging behind.

Ukraine is well ahead of Poland as far as the construction of stadiums is concerned. Other infrastructure, notably, hotels, airports, highways, is lacking. Head of Ukraine National agency for preparations for Euro-2012 Yevhen Chervonenko likes to say that 80 percent of the funding for Euro-2012 should come from private investors. However, he does not how the government helps private investors to invest in Euro-2012 projects. The sad fact is that there is no real help. The cabinet has not passed the law on funding stadiums, hotels and roads construction, the journalist points out.

The Gazeta Wyborcza has blown the whistle on Poland’s partner, Ukraine, comparing it to Columbia that lost its right to host the 1982 world soccer finals because of poor preparations.

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