News » Sport 2 July, 2008, 18:09
Lviv tycoon Petro Dyminsky may build stadium for Euro-2012

Lawyers of Petro Dyminsky are in talks with city council representatives on building a stadium to host Euro-2012 finals matches, Lviv oblast Governor Mykola Kmit said, addressing oblast council July 1. Petro Dyminsky is a local entrepreneur and owner of Karpaty FC.

Basically, Petro Dyminsky gave his consent to build a stadium in Lviv, said Kmit. “I had a talk with him yesterday, and he confirmed his agreement to construct a stadium in Lviv.”

Surprisingly, just before the governor addressed the council, his deputy Lev Zakharyshyn said, ”There was an investor, the owner of Karpaty FC, who seems to be the only one in Lviv able and interested in building a stadium, but the deal went off for unknown reasons.”

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