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Vasiunyk puts shine in Vienna on Ukraine’s preparations for Euro-2012

June 27, Vice Premier Ivan Vasiunyk submitted a report to UEFA on Ukraine’s preparations for the Euro-2012 tournament. The government of Ukraine has met all the deadlines this year to prepare for Euro-2012, the report runs.

Ukraine succeeded in solving some knotty problems in 2008, notably, about the reconstruction of Kyiv’s central stadium which is under president’s and cabinet’s control. Kyiv authorities have started to dismantle the unfinished building just outside the central stadium. All the stadiums in Ukraine host cities will be modernized on time, the official assured.

I. Vasiunyk invited UEFA leaders to attend the opening in Dnipropetrovsk on Sept. 14 of a new stadium built to meet European standards. He promised thatr by Aug. 1 Ukraine will finalize the project on Euro-2012 general infrastructure, praising UEFA experts for giving assistance on this issue.

Modernization of Ukraine’s airports is also under way, the official told UEFA. The government set strict deadlines and the transport ministry jointly with city mayors are implementing the plan of preparations. Funding for the modernization of runways in 6 main and 4 stand-by airports has been made available by the government.

The government and the Football Federation of Ukraine have shaped up a team of professionals to manage preparations for Euro-2012. Euro-2012 success will lay a ground base for Ukraine’s economic breakthrough in the future, and the present efforts will bring benefits to future generations of Ukrainians, he stressed.

I. Vasiunyk congratulated Austria and Switzerland on exemplary preparations for Euro-2008. This serves as a good example for Ukraine, he concluded.

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