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Modernization of Lviv airport for Euro-2012 finals to cost $200 million. Government can cough up $70 million

The decision by the president and cabinet to transfer the Lviv airport to state-owned property was timely and correct, airport managers and employees believe. In this capacity, the airport will operate more effectively. This year, the government allotted $14 million for its modernization. In total, to prepare the airport for Euro-2012 finals, $200 million is needed, with $70 million provided by the state, Lviv international airport director Oleksandr Zahreva told ZIK May 27.


“In many countries, strategic airports are owned by the state. However, the land on which they are built can belong to a city community. Sometimes, it is prone with conflict, as the real owners of airports cannot be established in Kharkiv and Odesa. That is why the government ruled to transfer 26 Ukraine’s airports to state property,” Zahreva said.

The modernization of the Lviv airport can be shouldered only by the government, Oleksandr Zahreva said,as huge funding is required to implement the modernization project for Euro-2012. In 2008, the cabinet allotted $70 mn to construct a new runway and modernize the airport building.

A new terminal will have to be built to handle up to 1,000 passengers an hour. To modernize the old and build a new terminal, $90 million is needed. The airport authorities will try to attract foreign investors, O. Zahreva assured.

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