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Construction of Euro-2012 stadium in Lviv to kick off only in December

A stadium in Lviv to host the Euro-2010 finals is to be completed by June 2010. The construction project will take 20 to 24 months to implement. UEFA has approved such schedule, head of Lviv city council Euro-2012 department Oleh Zasadny told journalists May 20.

We live in a law-abiding state, and no one cancelled the time-taking permits procedures. All the required documents of the design project have been submitted to the ministry of emergencies and the sanitary service of Ukraine. Unfortunately, the cabinet promised to simplify investment procedures, but nothing has been done yet. That is why we have appealed to the oblast government to petition the economy ministry to accelerate the issuance of permits, Oleh Zasadny explained.

In October 2007, Oleh Zasadny told ZIK that the stadium construction would start in March-April 2008. Simultaneously, during the forum of investors in Lviv in the fall of 2007, Mayor Sadovyj assured that the construction would begin in the spring of 2008.

Comment by ZIK

“Zasadny assured me that Euro-2012 stadium construction will start in July, but I felt that he sounded very pessimistic,” said Lviv lawmaker and head of city council commission on sports Yury Kardashevsky, speaking to ZIK May 20.

“When I asked Zasadny why the start of the construction was rescheduled from June to July, I got the impression that city officials can’t wait to see Euro-2012 tournament moved away from Lviv,” the lawmaker noted.

Yury Kardashevsky said that only preparatory design work is being done by the Alpina company, while it is still unclear where the funding for the stadium construction will come from.






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