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Much to Mayor Sadovyj’s chagrin, Premier Tymoshenko refuses to transfer state-owned airports to communal property

Speaking at the May 7 press conference, Premier Yulia Tymoshenko declared that the government has established transparency in the issue of ownership of state-owned airports and attraction of foreign investors to modernize them ahead of the Euro-2012 tournament. She said the airports and runways will not be sold-off. The state will take care of security, navigation and air-controlling services, the cabinet May 8 press service report says.

According to Mrs. Tymoshenko, in line with the government-endorsed concept of reforming airports, agreement has been reached with investors and the local authorities. “We are in the final lap of preparations for Euro-2012, and transparent investors tenders will be held soon to build terminal in the host cities,” she noted.

She praised effective work in the area of Vice Premier Ivan Vasiumyk, Transport Minister Josyp Vinsky, who, she stressed, sorted out the problems and drew up a logical work schedule.

Comment by ZIK

Apr. 17, 60 lawmakers (out of the total number of 90) supported a concept for the development of the Lviv airport.

Earlier, the Lviv city council requested the cabinet to transfer the state-owned airport to communal property.

The development concept was prepared by the Airport Consulting Vienna GMBH Co. based on the technical conditions and the contract signed between the company and the Lviv city council on Nov. 29, 2006.

The concept raises the role of the Lviv airport to that of a major airport not only in Western Ukraine but also in Eastern Europe. The contract includes market research and impact of outside factors; strategic approach and goals; corporate strategy; passenger and cargo traffic forecast; technical concept and investment schedule.

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