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Ukraine, Poland set up Euro-2012 Cities Council - to the accompaniment of broken champagne glasses

Apr. 22, the mayors of Ukrainian and Polish cities hosting the Euro-2012 football tournament set up the Council of Euro-2012 Cities. The signing ceremony was attended by Pres Yushchenko. The council will hold its sessions twice a year through 2008-2009 and four times a year through 2010-2012. After signing the agreement, those present were offered a glass of champagne but a waiter slipped and the glasses fell on the floor. The president said jokingly that the incident will bring luck to all present, The Ukrainian pravda reports.

The council will coordinate the activities of Polish and Ukrainian cities to prepare and host the Euro-2012, share experience, provide mutual support and cooperation in standing by the interests of cities in their relationships with central executive bodies of both countries and UEFA.

 The council sessions will be co-chaired by two heads, representing Ukraine and Poland. Co-chairs for 2008 will be Lviv Mayor Adrij Sadovyj and President of Warsaw Andrzej Cudak.

The next session of the council is scheduled for Oct. 2008 in Warsaw.

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