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Yushchenko sets date with Tymoshenko in Lviv. Baloha, Lutsenko, Surkis to act as witnesses

ZIK got its hands on the list of participants of a session in Lviv of the Coordinating Council to Prepare and Host the Euro-2012 finals. The pow-wow is to be attended by the Council’s head, President Yushchenko, and his deputy, Premier Tymoshenko.




The session is to be held in the house of science and technology of the Lviv railway company. Attending the session will be V. Baloha, O. Snisarenko, Yu. Bohutsky, S. Bubka, I. Vasiunyk, J. Vinsky, V. Vovkum, B. Danylyshyn, V. Klitschko, V. Knyazevych, L. Kravchuk, V. Kujbida, Yu. Lutsenko, Yu. Pavlenko, V. Pynzenyk, G. Surkis, Ye. Chervonenko.

 Polish participants include the country’s minister of sports and tourism, head of Poland’s football federation, the minister of infrastructure, the head of PL 2012 Association, the governor of Pidkarpattya governorship, mayors of Gdansk, Warsaw, Poznan, Wroclaw, and Krakow.

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