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Because of Lviv Mayor Sadovyj’s shoddy work Pres Yushchenko won’t be able to bury his message to posteriors

Pres Yushchenko’s Lviv itinerary won’t be ready before Monday, Apr. 21. At present, Yushchenko’s logistics officials are working on the itinerary, Lviv oblast administration press service told ZIK Apr. 18.


Accreditation of journalists covering Yushchenko’s visit will start Apr. 18.

According to a reliable source, one of the items on the president’s itinerary was burying a capsule with a message to posteriors at the site of a future Euro-2012 stadium in Lviv. The trip to the site will be scrapped as the site is a bone of contention between the city council and the Zelenbud company.

According to Zelenbud’s board chairman Volodymyr Mushtuk, his company appealed to the Lviv oblast appellate court, protesting the decision by the oblast economic court to allocate the 25-hectare site for stadium construction.

Volodymyr Mushtuk said the court will resume its hearings on Apr. 21.

 Comment by ZIK

Pres Yushchenko is coming down to Lviv. Among other things, he will attend a session by the Euro-2012 organizing committee.

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