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Lviv businessman Petro Dyminsky accuses president and Lviv mayor of sloppy preparations for Euro-2012

“I came to the studios to tell Lviv residents that Euro-2012 is a real chance for us to improve our lives. We have to realize that communal services and roads will be modernized and this will benefit the city and us. Otherwise, we will sink into economic stagnation,” businessman and Karpay FC president Petro Dyminsky said Apr 3, attending a live TV broadcast in Lviv. According to him, the issue of Euro-2012 in Ukraine is hanging in the air. “We have a president in Ukraine who was elected by Western Ukrainians. However, he comes down to Ukraine once in 4 years to promise us a thing or two. Simultaneously, the president keeps saying that Lviv may be dropped from the list of host cities for Euro-2012. Now, let’s think: what kind of power have we elected? All ministers are politicians, not professionals, and their plans are to prepare for the next election,” Dyminsky said..

“We have to scrap the Soviet approach when the authorities believe that citizens and businessmen must beg them to do something for them. I am a self-sufficient and law-abiding businessman and I don’t need any handouts from the authorities. I am ready to work jointly with the authorities in the case of Euro-2012. This project is needed by all of us, including my children. But when the authorities tell me this: “If you want to help us, transfer the money to us and we will know how to spend it. Is this a sensible and patriotic approach? Or maybe Mayor Sadovyj has his own charity fund? If the mayor wants to play ball with businessmen, he must come to investors to persuade that Euro-2012 will do us good.

Believe me, I have links and connections and can attract more than 200 million in investments for Euro-2012. But the authorities are to create a pattern in which local businessmen will have trust because we live here.

Comment by ZIK

[Extracts from Lviv Mayor Sadovyj’s chat conference on

What are your relationships with Petro Dyminsky who is prepared to invest 200 million in p[reparations for Euro-2012? He says he is cold-shouldered by the Lviv authorities.

We are equal players. We will welcome his money. The number of the bank account for money transfers is available on the city council site.

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