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80 percent of Lviv residents believe preparations for Euro-22012 are inadequate, 47% think Mayor Sadovyj must take the fall

Euro-2012 fatigue is widespread among Lviv residents, with 80% believing the preparations are slow and Major Sadovyj is to take the blame for this, polls run March 10-20 by the Ukrainian center for studying public opinion Sotsioinform indicate.

According to the poll, the number of skeptics has dwindled over the past 6 months. A mere 5.6% of Lviv residents now believe the preparations are going on well ( a drop from 17.6% for October 2007), with the number of skeptics growing from 36.1% to 47.6%, while 32.5% think the preparations are not going on at all.

64.1% of Lviv residents (down from 81.1%) believe the final matches will be held in Lviv, with 16% rejecting the prospect. Sotsioinform chief Oleksy Antypovych says the poll results were affected by criticism in the media and a conflict over the construction of a new stadium.

While 36.6% of residents believed last year that Lviv would not be dropped from the host cities list, the number of optimists has fallen dramatically to 12.1%. “Interest in Euro-2012 among the city residents is falling,” Antypovych notes.

The majority of respondents, 47.6%, believe Mayor Sadovyj must take the blame for what has happened, with 17% placing the responsibility on the mayor and 12% on the president of Ukraine.

In general, 80% of residents have concerns over the preparations for the tournament. Only one in five residents, or 19.4%, say they are not interested. 75.3% of respondents believe Euro-2012 will improve their life standards, with 33% of those hoping for personal gain and 60% seeing no prospect of personal enrichment.

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