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Family of Greek architects wins competition for Lviv’s Sykhiv area design

Feb. 9, Lviv authorities opened envelopes with proposals from architects to design a public center in Sykhiv, Lviv. The first award amounting to US$16,000 went to the family of Greek architects, George and Algaliani Aragovitis. The second award and $10,000 went to Swedish architects, the ZIK correspondent reports.


Awards of $2,000 also went to the other four projects, two of which submitted by Ukrainian architects.

The tender committee favored the Greek project due to its complex approach to the whole Sykhiv area. Speaking to journalists, a tender jury member Prof. Bohdan Cherkes said the Greek project was centered on the Sykhiv park and took into account the social and cultural specifics of the area. Following the implementation of the Greek design, the Sykhiv neighborhood will get a new face, Cherkas stressed.

The Swedish project proposed to style the Sykhiv area as one of Lviv’s older parts.

Both the Greek and Swedish architects will come to Lviv in a month to work on a general plan for Sykhiv development. The final plan will be then approved by the city council, head of the council’s architectural department Yury Kryvoruchko said.

Comment by the ZIK information agency

The competition was funded by companies interested in Sykhiv development, Intermarket, VAM, Rosan and Shuvar.

The aim of the competition is to map out a general concept for the social, cultural, esthetic, technical development of the Sykhiv area. The project implementation will turn Sykhiv into a thriving center of social life with high standards of catering services, sport and recreation facilities.

The international tender was announced by the city authorities on May 11, 2007.

The tender committee includes 14 experts from Ukraine, Canada, Poland, Austria, Germany and France.

In total, 14 applications were submitted, 9 of them by entities.

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