News » Western Ukraine 5 July, 2016, 13:26
SBU launches massive hunt for illegal amber mining

July 4 and 5, the Security Service of Ukraine, SBU, conducted a large-scale operation in Rivne oblast against illegal amber miners. SBU detained tens of officials who were covering up the illegal mining including deputy oblast prosecutor Andry Borovyk, local SBU branch deputy head, and 2 rayon police sheriffs, SBU reports.

The operation was headed in Rivne by Prosecutor General Lutsenko and SBU chief Hrytsak.

The number of SBU agents, police and riot police members employed in the operation reached 300.


After a search in the deputy Rivne prosecutor’s home, police found a collection of watches costing $100,000.

Prosecutor General Lutsenko has announced a purge of the local prosecutors’ office.


Rivne oblast is rich in amber deposits. Illegal mining of amber caused a thriving contraband of this precious stone to Europe and China.