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The ZIK Media Holding includes the ZIK TV Channel and Information Agency ZIK.

IA ZIK was established in summer 2004 and became the first information agency in Western Ukraine. Today it’s among the top 15 most visited electronic information agencies. IA ZIK gives wide and impartial coverage of the developments in Western Ukraine.

Its daily site indicators, according to bigmir.net, i.ua, amount to 150,000 – 200,000 hosts and 800,000 – 1 million hits.

ZIK TV channel first went on the air on Sept. 1, 2010. Then, we broadcast 6 programs. Now, their number has risen to 20. Most of them are investigative programs.

From May 2014, ZIK broadcasts its television programs not only from its Lviv studio, but also from its new studio in Kyiv

The most popular programs include the intellectual and political program «Playing Classics», historical journal «Historical Truth with Vakhtang Kipiani», talk shows «Straight Talk» and «Drozdov».

According to the GFK Ukraine, the country’s largest marketing and social research company, ZIK TV programs successfully compete with central television programs for the size of its audience.

Broadcasting of ZIK TV is carried out by the country’s leading cable providers Volya-Kabel, Triolan and Lanet and covers 100% of the Ukrainian territory. In most of them ZIK TV channel is presented in social (basic) packages.

Starting from July 2013, ZIK TV has been included in all packages of the country’s largest satellite TV providers Viasat and X-tra TV.

ZIK TV is also available on the Internet by TV providers IPTV and OTT.

ZIK TV is accessible in online broadcasts of over 50 Internet outlets.

All over Ukraine, our programs are available via the AMOS-2 4W satellite at 11 609.75 MgH.




  • «PRAVOkatsia» revealing program became winner in Professional contest of journalism «Honor of profession» in the category «Best resonant material».


  • News program «Day’s Review» was the winner in the category «most honest news», the owner of the diploma «For the best compliance of opinion standards and points of view» by the results of monitoring the quality of Ukrainian news by NGO «Telekritika» supported by the US Agency for International Development (USAID), provided through «Internews Network».
  • «Historical Truth with Vakhtang Kipiani» program became winner of the national Teletriumph-2013 award for the best anchor.


  • In January, ZIK TV and IA ZIK were included in the list of ‘white’ media – for active and impartial coverage of the developments during the Maidan revolution.
  • Denis Bigus, head and anchor of the anti-corruption program «Our Money» became the winner of the national «Honor of Profession – 2014» contest in the nomination ‘Best Journalistic Investigation’ for his program «Mezhyhirya-2. Ivaniushchenko’s Versailles
  • «Day’s Review» news program became winner in the ‘Most Honest News’ nomination according to the monitoring of regional channels by the Telekrytyka media watchdog.


ZIK Media Holding Directorship

Ihor Turkevych
CEO of ZIK Media Holding
[email protected]

Vadym Zak
Deputy CEO of ZIK Media Holding
[email protected]

Danylo Nikulenko
Editor-in-chief of ZIK Media Holding
[email protected]

Natalia Vlaschenko
Creative producer of ZIK TV Channel
[email protected]

Tetyana Verheles
Editor-in-chief of Information Agency ZIK
[email protected]

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