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Police tortured detained journalist, his lawyer says

Police officers tortured Valery Harahutsa, a Litsa journalist from Dnipropetrovsk, who was detained during protests in Kyiv, Ukrayinska Pravda reports Dec. 4.

The police accused him of organizing disorders outside president’s office.

However, his lawyer says the police want to cover up their maltreatment of the journalist.

Although the lawyer proved to the police that the detained Valery Harahutsa is a journalist, the police tortured him, keeping him for several hours lying on the ground in the cold, the lawyer said.  

 “My client was in hospital. But when I came to the hospital, I learned that prosecutors were questioning my client. They had no right to do so without my presence.

I immediately called the police but they took much time to arrive. They wouldn’t let me near my client, I took their names down and complained to the prosecution about such violations,” the lawyer said.

Dec. 3, three lawmakers and the National Union of Journalists asked the court to release Harahutsa on parole, but the judge refused, ruling to detain him for 2 months.

There are 8 more protesters who were detained for the same term.
The judge rubberstamped their sentences at night, with flagrant violation of the procedure, the lawyer says. 

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