Saturday, 5 February, 2011, 19:27 Politics
Ukraine-Russia relations didn’t get any better, ex-Foreign Minister Borys Tarasiuk says

One can’t speak of any “normalization” or “improvement” of Ukraine-Russia relations over the past year, because what happened, in fact, was the surrender of Ukrainian national interests, the head of the People’s Movement of Ukraine, Rukh, and ex-Foreign Minister Borys Tarasiuk, said speaking on Echo of Moscow Radio, the Rukh press service Feb. 5 report runs.

“True, at first sight, one can say the relations have improved [after Yanukovych came to power – Ed.]. The big question, however, is why the relations had worsened [before Yanukovych came to power – Ed.] The then Ukrainian regime was not to blame for the deterioration of links between Ukraine and Russia. They became tense because Russia leadership was wary of a democratic Ukraine and its leaders. As regards the present so-called normalization and improvement of the relations, I wouldn’t call it normalization and improvement because what had happened was the sell-out to Russia of Ukraine’s national interests,” Tarasiuk said.

 Asked by the anchor if the erection of monuments to Hetman Mazepa, Stepan Bandera and commemoration of battles like the battle of Konotop [where Ukrainians fought Russians – Ed.], Borys Tarasiuk said: “We do not impose on Russia how to interpret its own history. Why did Russia try and continues to try to impose on us the use of the Russian language? Why do Russians want to make us forget our own history and our heroes? Ukrainians must know their history and live accordingly, instead of living by the stereotypes spun by tsarist and Soviet ideologists.”


Thursday, 21 July, 2011, 17:17 Politics

If Russia had been made to pay more for the naval base lease in Sevastopol, there would have been many more new jobs in all Crimea, said Anatoly Hrytsenko, VR committee for national security and defense chief and ex-defense minister, speaking on Crimean TV, his website July 21 report says.

The sore issue in Ukraine-Russia relations was land inventory, Hrytsenko said. Back in 2005, the Russians opposed it, starting an epoch of feet-dragging.  

Currently, the lease of the naval base costs Russia a mere $98 mn per year.

Meanwhile, experts say the true cost of leasing the base amounts to between $0.8 billion and $1 billion.

Sunday, 10 July, 2011, 20:45 Politics

Better Ukraine-Russia relations may have paradoxical fallout Addressing a conference in Washington, the former US national security council head, Zbigniew Brzezinski said the next 5 years will be crucial for the future of Ukraine, Radio Svoboda reports July 10.

The further democratization of Ukraine may have a positive impact on Russia, he said.
“If the next 5 years will lead to the further consolidation of Ukrainian statehood, Russia’s thinking will change dramatically,” he opined.
“Better relations between Ukraine and Russia, without any confrontation may have unpredictable consequences – not only Ukraine’s independence will be consolidated, but Ukraine’s relations with the West will improve, spurring identical processes in Russia,” Zbigniew Brzezinski said.
“Ukraine, enjoying good relations with Russia and coming closer with the EU, will have, jointly with the EU, a cushion effect on Russia’s own perspective of its future,” he said.
According to Radio Svoboda, the US expert positively assessed the development of Ukraine, voicing, however, concerns similar to those expressed by other experts: repressive domestic policy of the regime does not tally with its foreign policy ambitions.

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Thursday, 23 June, 2011, 8:09 Politics

Because the Ukrainian authorities do not like the way Russia treats Kyiv, they want to be close to Europe, an anonymous source in the Ukraine cabinet told Komersant –Ukrayina June 21.

“We were under the illusion that, if we remove the knotty issues in our relations with Russia like the recognition of Holodomor as a genocide, our plans to join NATO and reluctance to keep Russia Black Sea fleet in Crimea, everything will be smooth between Moscow and Kyiv. Nothing of the kind has happened,” the source told Komersant-Ukrayina.

“Moscow wants us in its orbit – and pay for this. For example, take the Customs Union. Russia invites us to join it in a bizarre way – not stressing what we will gain, but emphasizing the likely sanctions if we refuse and join a free trade area with the EU,” the source indicated.

Kyiv doesn’t like such handling by Russia and, therefore, wants to move closer to Europe, he said.


Saturday, 11 June, 2011, 10:09 Politics

Speaking late Friday night on TV, Premier Azarov said the gas contract with Russia must be changed.

”We’re not asking for concessions. We want the contract to be mutually beneficial,” he said.

Azarov said the outcome of his talks with Putin is positive as the Russian premier had agreed that Ukraine is paying for gas more than her neighbors.

“We have agreed not to put off the issue and clarify our positions as soon as possible,” the Ukrainian premier said.

Azarov stressed that the contract will be rescinded, sooner or later.

“I told the Russians Ukraine won’t have the contract for ever. Time will come when we will rescind it. Therefore, it would be better to renegotiate the pricing formula without delay,” Azarov said.



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