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Friday 21 may, 2010, 10:06
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Herman wants anchorman Savik Shuster replaced by Ukrainian

Ukraine’s most popular political talks shows must be anchored by Ukrainian journalists, not foreigners, deputy head of presidential administration Hanna Herman said, speaking on Ukrayina TV channel May 20, The Ukrayinska Pravda reports May 21.

“I would like Ukrainian journalists to run such popular political talk shows. There are many able journalists in Ukraine who know well how to do their job,” she added.

“We are still victims to that imperial complex that “everything coming from Moscow is good, everything Ukrainian is bad,” Herman said, speaking about Savik Shuster who is citizen of Canada and Italy and who worked in Russia for some time.

Savik Shuster is anchorman of the Shuster Live political talk show. Another alien, Russian Yevgenij Kiseliov, runs the popular Big Politics show. [Both Shuster and Kiseliov moved to Ukraine from Moscow, as is widely believed fleeing from political persecution – Transl.] 

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  • Johnny 21 May 2010 21:53
    If Ms. Herman is so concerned about Ukrainian issues she should start with tackling Russian language use by public officials in Ukraine. This is a bigger detriment to positive identification with being Ukrainian than the Shuster Live program. He at least upholds national interests unlike the interests the current government appears to be upholding.
  • elmer 21 May 2010 16:50
    This is outrageous!
    It's not surprising that a viper sovok relic like Ganna German would dream up a trumped up reason like this for eliminating free speech in Ukraine.
    If Ganna German and her Party of Thugs took over hell, they would turn it into something worse in no time at all.
    Savik did indeed leave roosha for freedom of speech in Ukraine.
    And now, Ganna German appears to be one of the "nationalist nazis" that she and her fellow thugs keep carping about.
    The fact is that there are indeed many able Ukrainian journalists who appear on Savk's show as "chroniclers."
    And Ganna German and her Party of Thugs would get rid of them, too.
    back to the USSR for Ukraine
    працюють ефективно
  • Peter 21 May 2010 11:43
    If they are citizens of Ukraine then they have the same rights as any citizen irrespective of their ethnic background or education. The statement by Ivan "I have been always thinking if Ukraine should shelter this kind of people " is of considerable concern as it shows an extraordinary level of intolerance and extreme bias.What kind of people only do you think should be allowed top remain in Ukraine. Only those that share your limited point of view? Free speech does not only apply to the right of individuals to express themselves but also extends to to every person (citizens and non citizens) who have the equal right top participate in political and social debate. Even diaspora who live in canada and and expats from abroad.
  • Ivan 21 May 2010 11:34
    Shuster and Kiselev are the Russian citizens who ran away from Russia to found a refuge in Ukraine to exercise their right for freedom of speech non-existent now in Russia. Unfortunately, they have never learned to fully respect Ukraine and her official language. I have been always thinking if Ukraine should shelter this kind of people
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