Wednesday, 10 February, 2010, 4:03 Politics
Yanukovych back-tracks on his pre-election promises

Without waiting for the official declaration of the Yanukovych win, his team has started to back-track on its demands to Tymoshenko to raise salaries and pensions. This is how BYT’s Oleh Shevchuk commented on the vote in Rada Feb. 10 on the Regions-drafted bill to raise pensions to low-income Ukrainians, UNIAN reports.

The Yanukovych team has cynically scrapped the social programs it proposed a week before the runoff election, with only 2 Regions lawmakers out of 172 supporting its own bill, Shevchuk stressed.
 A week ago, Regions shadow minister for social policy Mykhailo Papiev protested outside the cabinet building demanding that the bill on higher pensions and salaries be passed by the Rada. “It is a clear policy of double standards,” Shevchuk said. 


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