Tuesday, 2 February, 2010, 23:46 Politics
Lutsenko describes how Yanukovych criminal case materials were faked

“I was really astonished by prosecutor general’s press conference where he acted as Viktor Yanukovych’s defense council,” such was the comment by acting Interior Minister Lutsenko on PG Oleksandr Medvedko declaration that Yanukovych had been twice put behind bars unlawfully. Lutsenko was addressing journalists in Lviv Feb. 2, ZIK reports.

The ministry examined Yanukovych case materials back in 2005, Lutsenko recounted. Experts pointed out that some of the case documents had been replaced as they were printed on a different brand of paper and on the type-writer never used in that court, filed in a different way and bore signatures of a judge and court secretary unrelated to the case in question, Lutsenko said. 
Following the case falsification, Donetsk oblast prosecutor Bahanets opened a criminal investigation, but the PGO in Kyiv demanded Bahanets to submit the case to Kyiv where the case was closed “due to the lack of incriminating evidence,” Lutsenko continued.
 “It is against the law to close a case due to the lack of evidence while the conclusions made by experts indicated falsification of case materials. The case was closed for political reasons to whitewash Yanukovych before his appointment as premier in 2007,” Lutsenko commented.
 “Now Prosecutor General Medvedko again repeats his previous declarations based on falsified case materials that Yanukovych had been convicted unlawfully,” Lutsenko concluded.
Comment by ZIK
Presidential candidate Viktor Yanukovych was unlawfully jailed twice in late 60s and early 70s, PG Oleksandr Medvedko declared Jan. 29
In 1978 the Donetsk oblast court cancelled both convictions (one for mugging and the other for inflicting body harm) closing both criminal cases against Yanukovych for the lack of corpus delicti.
The closure of cases makes Yanukovych an innocent citizen,

Friday, 29 January, 2016, 16:56 Politics

On the one hand, Russia is brainwashing the Crimean population, while, on the other, promotes the atmosphere of Stalin purges in 1930’s, urging the locals to squeal on one another, Rustem Abliatif, the activist of the “Public Blockade of Crimea” NGO, told ZIK Jan. 29.

The overall economic situation on the peninsula is grim. There is a deficit of pharmaceuticals, Ukrainian consumer goods and electricity, he said.

Meanwhile, the Russian propaganda machine is powerful and uninterrupted. The locals are brainwashed into believing that, for Russia’s annexation in 2014, there would be a war on the peninsula, the same going on in Donbas.

Crimean no longer exchange opinions in queues as before. The atmosphere of Stalin’s days in the 1930’ is clearly there, the activist said.

The Russian authorities are siccing locals on each other, encouraging them to squeal – for money, the activist told. 

Friday, 29 January, 2016, 10:19 Politics

Putin’s new plan lies in making deceptive declarations to force the oil prices to grow, Ukraine Information Troops write in Facebook Jan. 29.

 “The Kremlin lied about the forthcoming of Russia and OPEC representatives to stop the oil prices fall,” UIT said in a statement.

OPEC representatives did not confirm the meet with Russia, Bloomberg reports.

Following the dissemination of the Russian lie, Brent price climbed to $35 from $30 per barrel.

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Friday, 29 January, 2016, 9:44 Politics

In 2015, the Russians deployed over 200 pieces of new weaponry, including 40 combat and auxiliary vessels, Black Sea Fleet Commander Adm. Aleksandr Vitko said, RIA Novosti reports Jan. 29.

Before the Crimea annexation in 2014, Russia deployed merely one missile hydrofoil vessel, moving it from the Baltics. 

In 2015, the Russians deployed 3 modern diesel 636 Varshavyanka submarines, two small missile vessels, 10 combat cutters and 20 auxiliary vessels, the Russian admiral specified. 

Russia also moved 30 jet planes, including SU-30CM fighters, and 140 tanks and APCs, he said.

Such reinforcements helped create a full-fledged military group, ensuring reliable protection of the peninsula from the air, sea and land, the admiral said.

Thursday, 28 January, 2016, 16:27 Politics

Ukraine asked the Security Council to consider Pres Putin’s recent declarations doubting validity of Ukraine borders.

Putin’s declarations question the validity of Ukraine border with Russia and threaten the country’s independence and integrity, Ukraine representative to the UN said, addressing the debate.

Putin’s declarations violate the UN charter and Helsinki 1975 act, Ukrainians said.

Putin must stop his belligerent rhetoric and threats to Ukraine, Ukraine diplomats said.

Recall that Putin noted that the border between Russia and Ukraine had been drawn irresponsibly, and the inclusion of Donbas in Ukraine had been a stupidity.

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