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Donetsk oblast: every 10-th voter wants to vote at home!

According to the BYT election staff in the Donetsk oblast, almost 10 percent of voters want to vote at home, UNIAN says.

- In 8 out of Donetsk oblast 22 voting districts the number of home-voting requests tops 10%, with over 11% in the other 4 districts.
 “Such statistics is in stark contrast with other Ukraine oblasts where in the majority of voting districts the number of voters willing to vote at home does not exceed 0.5 – 1% of the registered voters,” the BYT press service release runs.
 “It indicates that the Party of Regions is, firstly, viewing unauthorized home-voting as its major vote-rigging tool and, secondly, such fragrant intention to rig the vote demonstrates that the PR is not sure of its candidate’s honest victory,” the release continues.
In the 2004 presidential elections the Yanukovych team used fraudulent vote at home as its major vote-rigging tool, BYT reminds.
 “Regrettably, this time PR’s plans are supported by Viktor Yushchenko who was openly irritated at his Jan. 12 press conference by BYT’s efforts to pull the plug on unauthorized home-voting,” BYT stresses. 


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