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Tuesday 15 december, 2009, 22:09
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Petro Pysarchuk (Lviv) among top 10 philanthropists of Ukraine

Kontrakty, a business weekly in Ukraine, has come up with a list of top ten businessmen who donated for charity in 2009. The list includes Lviv-based Petro Pysarchuk, a businessman and VR lawmaker.

The list is headed by Rinat Akhmetov, president of Ukraine’s Development charity fund, with $29 million donated to charity in 2008. Next comes Viktor Pinchuk, the founder of Viktor Pinchuk Fund, with $25.7 million given in donations. The third position is taken by Oleksandr Feldman with UAH5.9 million. Next on the list is Yevhan Chernyak who heads the Zaporizhia Patriot charity fund with UAH 5 million in donations. The fifth position is taken by Serhy Taruta [no data supplied].

The top 10 also includes Petro Poroshenko, Petro Pysarchuk, Petro Bahrij and Vadym Novinsky. The 10th position on the list is given to the businessman who refused to be identified, but, according to the weekly, his donations top some of those businessmen who are on the list.

The weekly selected its top 10 by analyzing four such aspects as the regularity of donations, their result, social significance and amounts.

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  • elmer 18 December 2009 04:18
    Here's what I'm wondering - how does Kontrakty know? The members of Parliament do not declare thier assets or even their income honestly.
    Furthermore, what kind of "charities" are these? Is Pinchuk's "art center", which displays hideous art (cows leave better "art" in the fields than what Pinchuk displays) a "charity"? What does the "Zaporizhia Patriot charity fund" do?
    This list is highly, extremely dubious.
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