Tuesday, 24 November, 2009, 21:48 Politics
Wolf-crying about likely vote rigging presidential candidates try to justify their future defeat

Various statements by marginal presidential candidates about the likely electoral fraud are aimed to create a background for their post-election information campaigns and lawsuits, the leader of the Yedyny Tsentr Viktor Baloha said Nov. 24.

Alarming declarations about the likely vote rigging directly point to organizational weaknesses of some candidates as the law allows for reliable barriers against any electoral fraud. For instance, any presidential candidate can send his 2 representatives to sit on local and regional electoral commissions, appoint observers to keep an eye on voting and counting of ballots. Proxies of candidates who have wide authority can also supervise the course of the voting.

“These representative must have absolute trust of their patron. Everything depends on the correct choice of a candidate and professional level of his team,” Baloha summed up.

Other effective barriers to electoral fraud are the Central Election Commission [whose members are appointed by major parliamentary parties on a quota principle] and numerous international observers. Mass media and NGOs, notably, the Committee of Voters of Ukraine, will also be effective in helping to curb fraud. Of great importance for establishing the final tally are also exit polls run by respected polling companies.

“There are more than enough supervisory tools, as you see, and they will all be used during the campaign. All the more so that there are 18 presidential candidates, some having considerable weight. That is why any declarations about the likely fraud are just attempts to justify a defeat of those who make them. Note that those candidates who are selling themselves as strong-willed and tough are most given to such declarations. In fact, such declarations expose them as would-be losers and outsiders,” Baloha added.

Saturday, 30 January, 2016, 12:04 Politics

Putin and his trigger-happy entourage continue to provoke a war against NATO member Turkey, Russian journalist Sasha Sotnik writes in Facebook Jan. 30, commenting on the violation of Turkey’s airspace by a Russian fighter.

The latest statements by the UK and US on the incident made Putin mad, he wrote. 

Putin is well aware of the fact that he is given a cold shoulder by the West, and West’s patience is wearing thin and Russia’s state coffers are close to empty, Sotnik writes. 

Putin is a political terrorist, killer and war criminal of the global scale. His entourage is the same kind of people. They have taken Russia’s population hostage. The Russians are poor, scared and agrees to anything, the journalist says.

The power in Russia has been usurped by a group of terrorists. It’s time to start the rescue operation, Sotnik sums up.

Saturday, 30 January, 2016, 11:35 Politics

A Russian fighter has again violated the Turkish air space, the country’s foreign ministry said in a statement, Ukrayinska Pravda reports Jan. 30.

 “On Jan. 29 at 11.46 the Russian SU-34 fighter has again penetrated the Turkish air space,” the statement runs. 

 “This new violation is another clear proof of Russia’s mounting aggression against Turkey,” it runs.

Such violations may lead to serious consequences for Russia, the statement warned.

Several months ago Turkey shot down a Russian fighter, causing a flare up in its relations with Russia.  

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Friday, 29 January, 2016, 16:56 Politics

On the one hand, Russia is brainwashing the Crimean population, while, on the other, promotes the atmosphere of Stalin purges in 1930’s, urging the locals to squeal on one another, Rustem Abliatif, the activist of the “Public Blockade of Crimea” NGO, told ZIK Jan. 29.

The overall economic situation on the peninsula is grim. There is a deficit of pharmaceuticals, Ukrainian consumer goods and electricity, he said.

Meanwhile, the Russian propaganda machine is powerful and uninterrupted. The locals are brainwashed into believing that, for Russia’s annexation in 2014, there would be a war on the peninsula, the same going on in Donbas.

Crimean no longer exchange opinions in queues as before. The atmosphere of Stalin’s days in the 1930’ is clearly there, the activist said.

The Russian authorities are siccing locals on each other, encouraging them to squeal – for money, the activist told. 

Friday, 29 January, 2016, 10:19 Politics

Putin’s new plan lies in making deceptive declarations to force the oil prices to grow, Ukraine Information Troops write in Facebook Jan. 29.

 “The Kremlin lied about the forthcoming of Russia and OPEC representatives to stop the oil prices fall,” UIT said in a statement.

OPEC representatives did not confirm the meet with Russia, Bloomberg reports.

Following the dissemination of the Russian lie, Brent price climbed to $35 from $30 per barrel.

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