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Mykhailo Syrota: “There’s a whore-house in Odesa with 3 and 6-year old children. How can a deputy without immunity expose it?”

“There’s a whore-house in Odesa where 3 to 6-year old kids are used as prostitutes. Officially, it is called the Zhemchuzhyna orphanage and in which 60 boys and girls live. They are regularly raped by adult clients. Who provides a cover for it? - The law-enforcement agencies. I have to do something about it. A have a 6-year old grandson, and when I think that my grandson can be one of them, I can kill the criminals with my bare hands. Now they tell me that vice is easier to be dealt with when my deputy immunity from prosecution is lifted. But a lawmaker must be protected against coercion and harassment from anyone, law-enforcement including,” Mykhailo Syrota of Lytvyn bloc and leader of the Labor party of Ukraine, said in his March 25 press conference in Lviv held at the ZIK information agency.


In his opinion, if the immunity is lifted, deputies will not be able to stand by the interests of the people. “If you begin to oppose criminals, you will be destroyed, to say the least,” Syrota said.

“There’s a clichй calling, ”let’s harmonize deputy immunity with European standards.” One cannot argue with it. But the deputy immunity is present in Europe even more than in Ukraine. For instance, a deputy in Slovakia cannot be arrested until his death. To prosecute a Swedish deputy, 5/6th of the legislature support is needed. In civilized countries, it is the parliament that curbs corruption in state power,” the lawmaker noted.

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